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Reverse Jet Dust Extraction Units

A range of Dust Extraction units. Applications include Welding, Grinding, Fine Powders and Dusts.

Reverse jet dust extraction units are suitable for processes where contaminants cannot be filtered through the typical fabric filter media or where processes cannot be stopped to allow filters to be cleaned.

Instead filter cleaning is achieved by a blast of compressed air across the media whilst the system is operational.

We offer a range of reverse jet units to suit your individual requirements.

Some of our units are of a modular design allowing the system to be expanded in line with your production requirements. Mobile units are also available for smaller welding and grinding applications.

Reverse jet dust extraction units are typically fitted with pleated cartridge filters, filter media will be selected depending upon the dust being collected.

Units can be specified with ATEX compliance where explosive dusts are being extracted.


Working within the film production industry, we are frequently faced with incredibly tight deadlines, 'challenging requests' and sourcing good value for money services. RAM Environmental LTD have been our supplier of choice for all our dust and extraction requirements for several years.

Working together successfully on various projects, we have found RAM Environmental to be professional, knowledgeable and excellent value for money.This has enabled our staff to work in a safe, clean environment, achieving the required results within the necessary timescale and budget.

We would have no hesitation in recommending RAM Environmental for any LEV extraction requirements.

Emerald Green Productions - Andrew Cooke, Film Location Manager
March 2017

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