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LEV Testing

Keep your system compliant with a RAM LEV testing contract.

What defines an LEV system?

A system is defined as Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) if it is used to control, capture or contain airborne contaminates such as dust or fumes, at, or close to the point of emission and then convey them to a point where they can be safely collected and filtered or released to atmosphere.

An effective LEV system should be well designed and constructed, properly used and maintained in good condition, with regular inspections.

How can RAM Environmental help you?

RAM Environmental incorporates over 26 years of experience, engineers are accredited with the BOHS P601 qualification (Commissioning and Thorough Examination of LEV Systems).

We ensure all surveys are carried out in accordance with the COSHH regulations 7 & 9, following Health & Safety guidance (HSG258).

The Local Exhaust Ventilation test is designed to determine the efficiency and integrity of an extraction system. It requires the engineer to gain quantitative measurements by using airflow instruments and qualitative assessments with smoke tests and a dust lamp. Engineers analyse these results and use invaluable experience to identify design flaws, defects and maintenance issues that might affect the performance of an LEV system.

Upon completion of onsite LEV testing a detailed report is produced that contains the findings of the survey and any comments and recommendations that are relevant, including remedial work required.

LEV testing should be carried not less than once in a period of 14 months. Some systems require testing more frequently.

Once the survey is complete and the test report issued you will be added to our database. A reminder will then be issued one month before the re-test date in order for you to plan the next examination.

Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.


Ensure your system is working effectively
Working within the film production industry, we are frequently faced with incredibly tight deadlines, 'challenging requests' and sourcing good value for money services. RAM Environmental LTD have been our supplier of choice for all our dust and extraction requirements for several years.

Working together successfully on various projects, we have found RAM Environmental to be professional, knowledgeable and excellent value for money.This has enabled our staff to work in a safe, clean environment, achieving the required results within the necessary timescale and budget.

We would have no hesitation in recommending RAM Environmental for any LEV extraction requirements.

Emerald Green Productions - Andrew Cooke, Film Location Manager
March 2017

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