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Personal Air Monitoring

Ensure that your workforce is adequately protected from exposure to harmful contaminants.

Many people are exposed to a variety of substances whilst at work, which can have a detrimental effect on their health both short term and long term.

Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) are in place in order to help protect the health of your employees.

Personal air sampling is carried out to measure the level of contaminants your workforce is exposed to whilst carrying out their day to day activities. This will highlight whether control measures currently in place are adequate.

RAM Environmental will carry out your personal air sampling survey. We employ an independent laboratory to carry out analysis of samples taken during the survey and from this we will compile a comprehensive report detailing the following

- purpose of the survey
- methods of carrying out the survey
- equipment used
- exposure experienced by employees
- quality of current control measures in place
- recommendations for further controls

Please contact us to arrange your personal air monitoring survey.


RAM were extremely professional when they designed and fitted the LEV in our new design and technology department. Richards experience and knowledge working in a school environment was a great help in the design period. After Richard had fitted the extraction system all D&T staff and users of the department were very impressed with the outcome.

Hans Price Academy - Dave McIlveen, Site Manager
March 2017

01746 331111