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Image Technique Ltd

RAM Environmental design, manufacture and install new LEV systems

Due to the continued expansion of production facilities at Image Technique, we were invited to quote for two new extraction systems to be installed in separate workshops at their site.

After in depth consultation with the production manager, we agreed on a suitable design and specification for each system and were selected as the successful contractor to carry out the work.

Modular Dust Extraction System

The profiling workshop required a dust extraction system which had to control dust emitted from a circular saw, panel saw, disc sander and a bandsaw. In addition to this there are three AXYZ CNC routers which are used to produce intricate components from wood, aluminium and plastics.

We selected an ATEX compliant RAMAIR modular unit as the ideal filter unit for the system. Two centrifugal fans were fitted to the filter unit. The first, a 4kw radial centrifugal fan connected to the three saws and disc sander. The second fan, a 5.5kw high pressure centrifugal fan was required to extract dust effectively from the small outlets provided on the capture hoods of each router. In addition, we supplied vacuum points around the workshop to enable staff to connect power tools and safely clean floors and machine beds.

Welding Fume Extraction System

A new welding fume extraction system was designed and installed in the fabrication workshop.

Engineers carry out welding in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Exposure to welding fumes can cause serious health implications so it was imperative that the system was designed with performance and functionality in mind.

The six meter work area of each welding bay was covered with a 3 meter double pivot extension boom connected to a 4 meter articulated fume extraction arm.

There are five welding bays in total, we selected a 3kw BCB centrifugal fan to provide the airflow required to ensure good capture of contaminates.

Correctly sized ductwork was installed to maintain the required conveying velocity along with a balancing damper on each extract point. Contaminated air was discharged from the fan above the roof line through a high velocity jet cowl.

The installation of both systems was completed over a five day period to minimise disruption to the clients production schedule. Upon completion of the installations commissioning tests were carried out and a report issued. Staff were also given training on the correct use of the equipment.


Working within the film production industry, we are frequently faced with incredibly tight deadlines, 'challenging requests' and sourcing good value for money services. RAM Environmental LTD have been our supplier of choice for all our dust and extraction requirements for several years.

Working together successfully on various projects, we have found RAM Environmental to be professional, knowledgeable and excellent value for money.This has enabled our staff to work in a safe, clean environment, achieving the required results within the necessary timescale and budget.

We would have no hesitation in recommending RAM Environmental for any LEV extraction requirements.

Emerald Green Productions - Andrew Cooke, Film Location Manager
March 2017

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